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Fresh grass is the prefect food for rabbits and guinea pigs.  Dried grass therefore provides a handy and nutritious forage as part of a balanced diet.  It is also great combined with our herb mixes, single herbs, cereal grasses or flowers.

If you have the storage space, and plenty of small furry pets, it pays to buy the bulk bales.

For those without a local feed or equine merchant, you can still buy large bales of dried grass from some online stores. That way you can also have them delivered directly to your door.

Graze-On and Readigrass come in 15kg bales, much cheaper that buying 1kg bags even with delivery.

Readigrass  is available in large bales for horses and smaller bags under the Friendly  label for rabbits, guinea pigs and other small pet herbivores.  Graze-On is only available in 15kg bales.Readigrass pure dried grassGraze-On dried grassFriendly Readigrass for small animals

Nutritional Value of Dried Grass

The horse and rabbit products, Readigrass and Friendly Forage, have different nutritional breakdowns.  The small animal version is higher in fibre 28% and lower in protein 12% than the horse one.  The horse product has 21% fibre and 15% protein.

Readigrass and Friendly Forage dried grass are only 3% moisture, making them prone to leaf-break.  This is not dust, just broken dried grass powder.  This is useful for making cookies or syringe feeds so don’t waste it.

Graze-On has a dry matter of 90% which is similar to hay.  It has 14% protein and 25% fibre,  almost in-between the other two.

Like fresh grass, dried grass has the perfect balance of nutrients for  small furries.  The calcium to phosphorous ratio is around 2:1 and it is also a good source of Vitamin E, Beta Carotene and Vitamin C.

The grass is mechnically dried which preserves the green colour, aroma as well as the chlorophyll content.