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Basic Physiology

Life expectancy
Environmental temperature
Food intake
Water intake
Sexual maturity
Breeding age
Gestation Period
Rehoming age

10 – 15 years
Below 25°C (77°F). 10-15°C (50-59°) is ideal
20gm pellets plus forage & fresh food
30 – 40ml
from 10 weeks
9 months
111 days
26 – 60 gm
6 – 8 weeks
12 weeks+


Chinchilla babies are born fully furred.


Pregnant chinchillas require plenty of calcium in their diet so they have enough for their own needs and the baby chinchillas growing inside them.

Litters of 1-2 babies are most common and, as you can see from the x-ray of a pregnant chinchilla, larger litters would place a heavy demand on the mother chinchilla’s body.