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The British Rabbit Council (The BRC)

It is easy enough to find rabbit breeders via the governing body in the UK, the British Rabbit Council.  However as rabbits breed, well like rabbits, a number of pedigree rabbits can be found in rescues all over the country.

Don’t support low standards

If you are set on a particular breed of rabbit then make sure you see the rabbit breeders shed.  They will probably not let you disturb does with young in the nest, but they should be proud enough of the standard in which their rabbits are kept in order to show you some of their other stock.

Breeders registered with the BRC ring the baby rabbits when they are very young.  If you do not intend to show or breed from the rabbit it is best to ask for the ring to be cut off.  You may also find pure breed rabbits in rabbit rescues but you can’t show them in the breed classes unless they’re rung.

The Rabbit Welfare Association website contains a wealth of information on rabbit care standards.  Given the number of rabbits in rescues, including already bonded pairs, unless you’re dead set on breeding and showing we would urge you to start your search for a pet rabbit by trying your local rescues.

Where to find rabbit clubs in the UK

It is easy enough to find rabbit clubs via the governing body in the UK, the BRC or British Rabbit Council.   There are area clubs and National or area breed specialist clubs, both of which come together for shows.  Details of these shows are available on the BRC website and through subscribing to Fur & Feather magazine.

What do they do?

In the main they organise shows and have a list of local members or those specialising in a particular breed.  They are run by elected members and are inexpensive to join.

How can I join a club?

You will normally have to pay a nominal annual subscription fee.  Most clubs will have a list of members, often a yearbook, and you will probably be allowed to vote for the committee members of your choice.

You will be notified of shows you might be interested in but do not have to attend or even have a rabbit in order to belong to a club or visit a show.  It is easy enough to find rabbit shows via the BRC (British Rabbit Council) which is the governing body in the UK.  Shows are also listed in Fur & Feather magazine.

Do I have to be a member?

You don’t have to be a member to visit a rabbit show but general entry fees often apply to larger shows or those held as part of a county or agricultural show.

The shows are organised by rabbit clubs but you may be able to enter some classes, for example the pet classes, without being a member.

To enter your rabbit in a show you do have to register in advance by requesting the schedule from the host club and returning it by the due date together with payment for the entry fees.

Don’t buy a rabbit there on impulse

Rabbit shows are not a good place to go to buy rabbits.  Rabbits will often be on sale but unless you’ve really thought through the process of owning a rabbit, there is a risk 0f buying on impulse.  With over 60,000 rabbits given up to rescues each year you don’t want to be part of the problem