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The British Rabbit Council (The BRC)

It is easy enough to find rabbit breeders via the governing body in the UK, the British Rabbit Council. However as rabbits breed, well like rabbits, a number of pedigree rabbits can be found in rescues all over the country.

Rescue instead

A good place to find rescue rabbits of a specific breed is via Rabbit Rehome or Save a Fluff. A major advantage of rescues is that the rabbits will already be spayed or neutered, vaccinated and often bonded in pairs.

If you are looking for a rabbit breeder aiming to breed yourself, please consider the fact that over 60,000 rabbits are given up to rescues every year.

Don’t support low standards

If you are still set on a particular breed then make sure you see the rabbit breeders shed. They will probably not let you disturb does with young in the nest, but they should be proud enough of the standard in which their rabbits are kept in order to show you some of their other stock.

Breeders registered with the BRC ring the baby rabbits when they are very young. If you do not intend to show or breed from the rabbit it is best to ask for the ring to be cut off.

The Rabbit Welfare Association website contains a wealth of information on rabbit care standards.