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Grass Seeds


Delicious fresh grass on tap

The healthiest food for rabbits and guinea pigs, grass can be grown in seed trays on the windowsill so can be produced even in a small space.


Grass forms the basis of all wild herbivores and should be the primary food for pet rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and degus in the form of hay.

For rabbits and guinea pigs fresh grass is the healthiest food you can give them.  Growing grass contains enzymes which help digestion, contains water in its most natural form for these animals and is something they love the taste of.

Italian and Westerwolds annual rye grasses are fast growing, ideal for trays but can also be used sowing in a rabbit or guinea pig run.  They can be fed fresh or dried and stored if you produce too much for grazing.

Cocksfoot grass is a bit slower to become established but if grown outdoors will be good for around 5 years grazing.  If left ungrazed (or unmown) it forms tufty patches which lawn-lovers might not like but it is great for beneficial insects.  Makes tasty hay.

Timothy is a very popular hay but the grass is slow to establish.  Not one for tray-watching but a tasty forage that makes good hay.

Non-competing grass is good for creating wild flower strips in the garden, growing in pots for foraging or window boxes for cutting.  Unlike the faster growing rye and coltsfoot, it lets the wild flowers like cornflower, yarrow, mallow, calendula and chamomile plus wild herbs including plantains to become established.