Wishlist for SNORS Rabbit Rescue

SNORS Wish List

Special Needs Older Rabbits Sanctuary (SNORS)
Registered charity number 1163102.

SNORS offer an end of life loving home for special needs or older rabbits.

Rabbits get love, care, and bunny companionship in a domestic environment.

About SNORS Wishlist

When you add items from this wishlist to your order they will be sent to SNORS direct. 

This is what SNORS have told us about the products they’ve added to their wishlist and why they want them for the individual animals in their care.

The content on this page is the opinion of SNORS based on the use of the products with the animals in their care.  Galen’s Garden make no medical or other claims for their products.

You should always check with your vet regarding the suitability of herbs as forage or supplementation for animals under veterinary supervision.

Always consult your veterinary surgeon if you have even the slightest suspicion that your pet is unwell.  Small herbivores are prey species and able to hide the symptoms of illness until they are extremely unwell.

Florence / Bobby buns without rear feet

Bobby and Florence are our bunnies without rear feet. They were taken to the vet’s to be put to sleep by their previous owner but luckily we were able to help them.

Both bunnies do not have rear feet, they have stumps. As this skin is not meant to be walked on it can develop sores and infection, despite environmental modifications. Florence also suffers from a condition called COPD which is a chronic lung condition and requires intensive treatment for a nebulizer each day. We occasionally have to bandage their stumps when they are in need of intensive treatment.

Both bunnies do not like wearing bandages and can get very upset. During this time it’s really important to give them lots of their favourite treats to keep the guts healthy and moving. The animmune powder has lots of herbs which are antimicrobial and will help her to fight Florences lung disease but will also help the both bunnies with infection in their stumps.

Both bunnies love treats, and the willow nibble sticks would go down a treat when they are feeling under the weather. The aloe vera gel is very gentle, soothing and moisturising and will help make their stumps much more comfortable.

Pip – severe respiratory issues and liver tumour

Pip is an elderly rabbit, nearly 12 years old. She is blind, has E. Cuniculi, a liver tumour, severe respiratory disease/ pnemonia and suffers from bouts of GI stasis. Despite all these ailments Pip still has quality of life, enjoys her food, time in the sun, snuggling with Leo and getting strokes from mom.

As she is immunocompromised and has liver issues she needs very careful management. We are hoping to grow some milk thistle from seed to give her fresh forage to support her liver. The animmune powder has lots of herbs which are antimicrobial and will help her to fight the lung disease.

Bella – dental bun with bladder sludge

Bella arrived at Snors in very poor condition. She had dental disease, a bladder full of sludge and was obese so unable to clean her ears, groom, eat her caecotrophs. She didnt eat hay on arrival although now can eat thinner stranded and shorter chopped hay. She struggles getting thicker long pieces into her mouth. On arrival she passed a large amount of bladder sludge, we are regularly monitoring it and being careful with her diet.

Bella needs help with her bladder so the chanca powder will help her with sludge. She needs lots of fibre in her diet, the grass flakes should be easier for her to eat. The mixed cereal grasses should also encourage her to eat more fibre.

Thank you PG for sending us:

Mixed Cereal Grasses for Bella
Grass Flakes for Bella
Dandelion Seed for SNORS
Willow Nibble Sticks for Bobby and Florence

Thank you CF for sending us:

Animmune Powder for SNORS
Aloe Vera Gel for Bobby and Florence
Ryegrass Seed for SNORS
FUEL Powder for SNORS
Mixed Cereal Grass for Bella
Green Oat Chop for SNORS

Thank you HB for sending us:

Aloe Vera Gel for Bobby and Florence
Animmune Powder for Pip
Dandelion Root  for SNORS
Milk Thistle Seed for Pip
FUEL Powder for SNORS
Willow Nibble Sticks for Bobby and Florence

Thank you CF for sending us:

Dandelion Seed for SNORS
Green Oat Chop for SNORS
Chanca Plus Powder for SNORS
Willow Nibble Sticks for Bobby & Florence

SNORS Objectives

  • To give end of life love, care and companionship to rabbits in need of an experienced home environment which would otherwise not be re-homeable
  • Only re-home from reputable rescues (we are unable to take rabbits from the general public)
  • Ensure rabbits are given appropriate and prompt medical treatment by a qualified veterinarian
  • Not to allow suffering and ensure that once our rabbits have no quality of life, with veterinary agreement, we will have them humanely put to sleep
  • Only take in rabbits where space and funds allow
  • Actively fundraise to cover our veterinary costs
  • Communicate the rabbit welfare message via our Facebook posts
  • To be open and transparent in what we do
  • To enjoy, love and respect the rabbits in our care