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Specialist Treats


Specialist treats for chinchillas, degus and hamsters.


Chinchilla Fruits of the Forest

Fruits of the Forest Chinchilla Treat provides great foraging opportunities as well as tasty, wholesome, natural roots, shoots and berries.

Balm of Gilead (Poplar) buds, Bilberries***, Chicory root*, Cornflower, Inula root*, Marshmallow Root, Plantain herb, Rosehips**, Rowan (Mountain Ash) berries, Sloe berries.

Feed large pinch per chinchilla per day.

Degu Treat Mix

Degu-safe blend of chicory root*, dandelion root, marshmallow root, vine leaf and rosehip** shells.

Degu Seed Mix

Complementary seed mix designed for feeding to degus.  As requested by our customers who keep degus as pets.

Hamster Millet Spray Bouquet 150gm (larger size)

A seed treat for hamsters. Millet and Dari (Sorghum) on stems. Don’t feed all at once!
Appearance and contituents may vary.

*Chicory and Inula roots are a good source of FOS, fructo-oligo-saccharides, substances that act as prebiotics.

**Rosehips are such a good source of vitamin C and the bioflavanoids which support the absorption of vitamin C, that they were gathered from the hedgerows in World War II and made into rosehip syrup for children.  Rosehips are also a good source of fibre and calcium.

***Bilberries are a source of important bioflavanoids.