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Stuffed and Decorated Grassy Logs

Two hand made, stuffed and decorated grassy logs on a bed of edible forage in a gift box.

Box size : 20cm x 16.5cm x 6cm

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Rose Logs
Made with rosehip and rose petal powder
Stuffed with rose stems
Dusted with Rose powder
Decorated with dried roses
On a bed of Lovage

Kale, Carrot and Celery Logs
Made with celeriac and alfalfa powder
Suffed with kale and soup celery leaf and stalk
Decorated with nasturtium leaves and carrot slices
On a bed of hay, chicory stalk and rose petals

Marshmallow Logs
Made with marshmallow leaf and root powder
Stuffed with marshmallow stems and leaves
Dusted with marshmallow root powder
Decorated with marshmallow flowers and leaves
On a bed of lovage, fennel, chervil & marshmallow flowers

Carob and Chicory Logs
Made with chicory powder and carob powder
Stuffed with chicory stalks and leaves
Dusted with carob powder
Decorated with blue chicory, mallow and yarrow flowers
On a bed of chicory stalks with leaves and flowers.

Apple and Pear (Orchard) Logs
Stuffed with apple and pear twigs, leaves and a few pieces of dried fruit
Decorated with apple leaves, pear leaves, apple blossom and dried fruit
On a bed of apple and pear leaves

Berry Logs
Stuffed with dried berry leaves and a few berries*
Decorated with dried strawberry leaves, lamium and berries
On a bed of fruit and berry leaves.**
*Mulberry, strawberry, raspberry
**Mulberry, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, apple & pear