Dehydrator Drying

Drying your own vegetables, fruit, wild plants, herbs and grasses in a dehydrator is an economical way of providing save and healthy forage. The dehydrator I use cost less than £40 and costs around 25p to dry a full batch.
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Herb Drying

Herb drying is easy if you have the right equipment. Here are some of the dryers I use to dry herbs in season. Hanging mesh and flat mesh.
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Alpine Hay

Alpine hay is highly nutritious and absolutely delicious - if you're a rabbit that is! Guinea pigs love this soft hay for tunneling into. Degus love nesting in it and chinchillas love the plant diversity.
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German Hay

Many German pet food companies focused on healthy forages for small pets when UK companies were still peddling 'pretty coloured bits'. The German online pet product retailer ZooPlus also operates in the UK. They are an excellent, reliable & affordable source of quality German hay & forage.
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Dried Grass

Dried grass is a great food for rabbits and guinea pigs.

It can be fed ad-lib but do make sure adequate water is available at all times as well.
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Cider Vinegar

Raw apple cider vinegar is a useful food supplement which can be added to drinking water or used to rinse guinea pigs after shampooing. The malic and acetic acid in apple cider vinegar have antimicrobial properties making it useful to feed if a rabbit or guinea pig is off colour
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Edible Christmas Crackers

Edible if you are a herbivore that is. Designed using our Aunt Sally's Grassy Logs and Loglets.

Stuff with hay that has a tasty treat in the middle.
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Living Herb Holder from a Bath Rack

These cheap bath racks from Matalan make great herb holders.

The suckers grip to the window so the herbs get a lot of light, even in winter, and the pots are not too heavy for it.
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Pirate Bunnies knitting pattern

These Pirate Bunnies brought a smile to my face.

If I had the time and talent I would knit this pair of rogues for my grandson. Sadly I have neither the time nor the talent!
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Knitted Rabbits

Little knitted rabbits would make the ideal donation to a rabbit rescue for their fund-raising efforts.

Small enough to knit using raffia for rabbit toys.
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Knitted Guinea Pig

I'd love to see what some creative person could do with this pattern.

If anyone makes guinea pigs using it, please send me some photos to add.
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