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What happened to the old sites?

January 2017 saw the consolidation of all our sites into the main site and included a new shop.

All shop users should be able to log on to the new shop but will not be able to retrieve previous orders as the product codes and organisation of the product categories has been simplified.  If you have problems logging on to the new shop please contact us.

The various rabbit, guinea pig, chinchilla, hay, herbs, homeopathy and vegetable sites no longer run as separate entities.  The information has all been moved to this site and will continue to be updated.

  • We no longer offer anyone a free site due to the increased risk to site security.
  • The Galen’s Garden shop site is part of Specialist Ltd
  • Links to other products or sites on our websites may be affiliate links. Buying through these links helps support the development of these sites.


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