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Cider Vinegar - Organic with motherRaw Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is a complex naturally fermented food.  It has been used since antiquity for its healing properties.

Cider Vinegar – Beneficial or Old Wive’s Tale?

Vinegar is an old condiment.  According to The Journal of Food Science “The earliest known use of vinegar dates to more than 10000 years ago”.  Vinegar has been used  throughout history for preserving fruits and vegetables.  Many housekeepers  today still swear by vinegar and bicarbonate of soda.

Reader’s Digest have an article on the many and various uses of vinegar in general.

What is the Vinegar Mother?

The vinegar ‘Mother’ shows the vinegar is ‘alive’ and not pasteurised.

Dilution for rabbit drinking water

Dilute by adding 1-2 teaspoons per litre of drinking water.  Offer the resulting ‘bunnyade’ several times per week in a separate water bottle.  This makes sure the rabbit likes the taste and can choose to drink it or not.

The malic and acetic acid in apple cider vinegar have antimicrobial properties which makes it useful to feed if a rabbit or guinea pig is off colour.

Nutritionally it is good source of minerals, although not much else, and it does not contain sugar.

Cider Vinegar Guinea Pig rinse

You can use the same dilution to rinse your guinea pigs coat after shampooing.

Vinegar for Cleaning

Cider vinegar is too expensive to use as a hutch cleaner, but you can use white vinegar instead.  Many people use white vinegar to clean their hutches for its ability to remove calcium deposits.  Vinegar is also good at removing odours.

You can use cider vinegar to clean your water bottles to help prevent green algae in the summer months.

You can use it if your house rabbit wees on the carpet.   First sponge with plain water, soaking up the excess with a towel.  Sprinkle bicarbonate of soda on the stain.  Mix one part white wine vinegar with one part water and spray on to the bicarbonate of soda.  It will fizz up so let it settle down for a few minutes before soaking up the excess again.  Finish with clean water and dry the carpet as before.