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German hay is an important part of the cultural heritage of the Alpine and Pre Alpine regions.  The Germans take their hay very seriously!  Their ancient meadows are protected by law. They harvest, dry and bale the grasses and wild plants with great care.

Many German pet food companies focused on healthy forages for small pets when UK companies were still peddling ‘pretty coloured bits’, and they’re still ahead of the game in many ways.

Zooplus, a German pet product retailer, also operates in the UK and is a reliable source of German hay and forages.

German Hay from ZooPlus UK

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Mühldorfer Country Meadow Hay 15kg
Muhldorfer Meadow Hay

JR Farm Mountain Meadow Hay 2.5kg

JR Farm Mountain Meadow HayCountry meadow hay from the mountains of Bavaria.  You’ll find this in the equine section so it is better value for money than pet hay.

Mühldorfer Country Meadow Hay is excellent value for money and compressed into a handy small bale.

Price as of 05/02/2017 ( £1.13 – £1.20 / kg)JR Farm are long standing producers of hay and herbs.  From the reviews, there seem to be seasonal fluctuations in quality so maybe try a single bag in the first instance and check the reviews.

Price as of 05/02/2017 ( £2.80 / kg)

Bunny Fresh Grass Hay 3kg

Bunny Fresh Grass Hay

Mucki Mountain Meadow Hay 1.6kg

Mucki Mountain Meadow HayBunny Fresh Grass Hay is a hand-picked mixture of the first and second crop of untreated meadows from the southern German Allgäu.

My favourite German hay by far.   The 3kg bag is larger than the image suggests.

Price as of 05/02/2017 ( £5.00 / kg)Harvested from the Bavarian mountains where the old mountain meadows contain a variety of plants.

The hay contains twenty plant species which adds variety and taste.

Price as of 05/02/2017 ( £4.37 / kg)

Bunny Hay from Protected Meadows 2.7kg

Bunny Hay from Protected Meadows

Bunny Fresh Grass Hay Special Editions 3 x 2kg

Bunny Fresh Grass Hay Special EditionsGrown in untreated meadows in a conservation area where it is harvested late in the season to prevent disturbance to nesting wildlife.  Regular mowing helps create a wide variety of plants.  Dried in warm air to preserve colour and flavour.

Price as of 05/02/2017 ( £5.55 – £7.40 / kg)Hay which has seasonal herbs, flowers and vegetables added.

Available as Winter Pack or Summer Pack

Price as of 05/02/2017 ( £4.50 / kg)