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Chickweed – Stellaria media

Chickweed - Stellaria media

Family: Caryophyllacae

Height: 10-30cm

Fast spreading creeping plant. Small, star-like white flowers, small oval leaves on a slender stem with hairs on just one side. The line of hairs moves to the opposite side of the stem after each pair of leaves.

Not a great favourite as a greenfood but can be safely fed in small amounts and is particularly valuable for dry, itchy skin conditions when used externally.

Chickweed is very high in calcium with a Ca:P of 3:1

Constituents: Saponins, coumarins, flavanoids, triterpenoids, carboxylic acids, vitamin C, calcium.

Actions: Anti-rheumatic, vulnerary, emollient, astringent and stops itching.