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Red Clover – Trifolium pratense

Red Clover - Trifolium pratenseFamily: Leguminoseae

Height: 30-50cm

Rabbits and guinea pigs enjoy all clovers. One of the most useful internal remedies for eczema and other chronic skin conditions such as psoriasis. Possible anti-neoplastic action in animals.

Red Clover Flowers have an extremely high calcium level and a very high Ca:P ratio. They also contain high levels of vitamins A and C.

Clover hay is a valuable feed to help animals through the moult but it must be kept dry* and in good condition. *Mould in plants of the clover family can be particularly toxic.

Constituents: Phenolic glycosides, isoflavones, flavanoids, coumarins, and cyanogenic glycosides.

Actions: Alterative, expectorant, anti-spasmodic; stimulates nutrition and elimination, dermatological agent, reduces muscle tension and spasm, sedative.