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Yarrow – Achillae millefolium

Yarrow - Achillae millefoliumFamily: Compositae

Height: Up to 1m

A valuable urinary antiseptic which can also be used externally to help heal wounds.

Yarrow is often planted in permanent pasture for its medicinal properties and is a good rabbit and cavy food when young and tender.

Yarrow has a good level of calcium and a good to high Ca:P ratio.

The fresh plant juice can cause allergic skin reactions and excessive amounts taken medicinally may cause a photosensitive response in humans.

Constituents: Up to 0.5% volatile oil containing azulene; flavanoids, including apigenin and rutin; tannins; a bitter alkaloid.

Actions: Diaphoretic, hypotensive, astringent, diuretic, antiseptic.