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Living Herb Holder from a Bath Rack

Living Herb Holder from a Bath Rack

Herb HolderSaw these cheap Matalan bath racks and thought they’d make useful herb holders for small plant pots.

Given that they’re designed for relatively heavy items like shampoos, I thought they would cope with some living culinary herbs which were on special offer at the local supermarket.

This two tier rack from Matalan cost £6 and holds six standard herb pots.  There’s also a slightly wider one takes four herb pots for £4.

They come with clear suckers for attachment to shiny surfaces like glass or tiles.  I attached this one to a window to get the most of the sunlight during the shorter days of winter.

Other Herb Holder Ideas

As you might imagine, Pinterest is awash with great ideas for herb holders.  One I like is “Weird things to grow plants in” but click on the various links and go down the ‘rabbit hole’ of ideas.