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Pirate Bunnies knitting pattern

Pirate Bunnies knitting pattern

Pirate BunniesBig bunnies, these Pirate Bunnies are 41cm when standing, a great knitting project to while away the winter hours in readiness for summer fundraising, or even tied in with Talk Like a Pirate day on September 19th!

Debi Birkin designs include a range of knitted rabbits and other animals

The Pirate bunnies pattern is only £2.50 and the website lists all the materials you need to make this pair of pirates “Captain” Jack Rabbit and Jolly Roger.

Please see the notes on Debi Birkin’s site regarding selling and licensing.


Knitted Rabbits

Knitted Rabbits

Cute knitted rabbits from DollytimeBased in the Lake District, Dollytime sell unique knitting patterns for toys including some for rabbits which could be good for fundraising.

The patterns come in PDF format and cost less than £3

Other knitted rabbit patterns also available.

I thought these would look great in natural shades using angora wool from rabbits.

Other Knitted Rabbits

Check out Knitted Rabbits on Pinterest, or Little Cotton Rabbits delightful blog.

Knitted Guinea Pig

Knitted Guinea Pig

I was wondering about fund raising ideas for rabbit and guinea pig rescues when I stumbled across Debi Birkin’s site full of great knitting patterns including this one for a guinea pig knitted in Mohair. The pattern is only £2.50 which is a bargain considering the number of guinea pigs you could knit from it.

The knitted guinea pig is knitted flat on normal needles and sewn together.  The fluffy effect is achieved with a teazle brush.

Knitted Guinea Pig by Debi Birkin

Please read Debi Birkin’s page on selling your work based on her patterns and licensing.