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Drawing Guinea Pigs by “meh-anne”

If you’ve ever tried drawing guinea pigs and given up in despair like me then maybe these studies will help you master the art.If you want your guinea pig art featured in this blog let me know.

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Guinea Pig Studies by meh anne

Blue Rabbit by SethFitts

I love the simplicity of this drawing, Blue Rabbit, by artist Seth Fitts on Deviant ArtAvailable as postcards and greetings cards but sadly not as a print.

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Blue Rabbit by Seth Fitts

Awake Rabbit by Seth Fitts

Awake Rabbit by Seth Fitts is available as print, cards and postcards from Deviant Art

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Rabbit by Seth Fitts on Deviant Art

Rabbit Moon by “kyoht”

Rabbit Moon by ‘kyoht’ on Deviant Art is a beautiful image, sadly not available as cards or prints.

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Rabbit Moon by kyoht on Deviant Art

Nakisha VanderHoeven

Bunny Hug by Nakisha VanderHoeven is a lovely image available in print from Etsy.Lots more great rabbit pictures there too!

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Bunny Hug - Nakisha VanderHoeven

The Symbolism of Rabbits & Hares

Rabbits & hares appear in tales & works of art dating back centuries, but what do we really know about the symbolism of rabbits & hares and their origins?

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