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Edible Christmas Crackers

Edible Christmas Crackers

A while back I wrote an article for Rabbiting On Magazine about Christmas Gift Ideas which included Christmas Crackers made from safe materials that you can give to your rabbit, guinea pig, chinchilla or degu.

It’s always hard to think up new ideas for toys and treats, so for those of you who don’t subscribe, here’s how to make Edible Christmas Crackers for your pets.

Edible Christmas Crackers - for rabbits

The cracker cores are made from Aunt Sally’s Grassy Logs or Loglets.  (You could use cardboard tubes instead if you wanted to).  Even the ink used to print the paper was made from all natural powder food colouring and the holly decorations were made from our cookie mixes with the same food colouring added.  You can also use the cookie mixes to create hanging decorations.

To make the edible ink I added some natural food colouring to water and vegetable glycerine, then poured that over a new ink pad and stamped the design onto food grade paper using a clean stamp.



Home Made Toys

Home Made Toys

Make innovative home made toys using natural materials with our grassy disks, logs and loglets hand made to our original recipe.  As an alternative you could use any of our cookie mixes to create parts for toys using wooden disks or cholla, deliberately making it hard for the rabbit or chinchilla to get to them.

Guinea pigs like their grassy logs stuffed with hay and herbs, they’re not interested in all that hard work!

Grains, such as the wheat and oat ears illustrated, are fattening but a small piece wrapped in hay and tucked into a vine or willow ball won’t hurt the average rabbit that isn’t overweight.  They should not be fed to chinchillas though.

Home made toys from natural materials