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Guinea pig veterinary care

It is important to identify a good local cavy vet experienced with guinea pigs long before your guinea pigs need treatment.

Things on the skin

Guinea pigs do not require vaccination, but they are prone to skin problems which may require veterinary treatment.

If your guinea pig is scratching, or has sores, you should take it to the vet to rule out mange or mycosis.

Lumps and bumps also require the attention of a vet. They may be just a benign cyst but could indicate an underlying abscess.

Slobbering or not eating

Dental problems are common in guinea pigs fed on an unsuitable diet, but can result from poor breeding or malnourishment as a baby or even in the womb. Weepy eyes may also indicate a dental problem. All dental problems need treatment by a vet experienced in dental work on guinea pigs.

Good places to look for a cavy savvy vet

The Guinea Pig Forum have a Vet Locator which lets you type in your post code and brings up a map with your nearest vets.

The Rabbit Welfare Association have a list of vets which are good with rabbits, some of which may also be good with guinea pigs.

Contact your nearest cavy rescue. There is a list of cavy rescues on Guinea Pig Rehome.

Contact your nearest cavy club. There is a list of clubs on our Guinea Pig Shows website.