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Why rescue a rabbit?

Currently in the UK we have a huge problem with unwanted rabbits.  Over 60,000 rabbits are given up to rescues every year, and these are the lucky ones.

By supporting your local rabbit rescue or rehoming a rabbit (or two) from them you become part of the solution.

A major advantage of rescues is that the rabbits will already be spayed or neutered, vaccinated and often bonded in pairs.

In addition the rescue will almost certainly have a good, rabbit-savvy, vet that you can take your rabbit to for vaccinations and checkups.  They offer great advice and support to new owners and some may even offer holiday boarding, or at least be able to recommend one.

Where to find a rabbit rescue.

A good place to find rescue rabbits in your area is via Rabbit Rehome or Save a Fluff.  You can also do a Google search for ‘rabbit rescue’ + the name of your county.

Expect to be given the 3rd degree

Rabbit rescues see a lot of badly treated rabbits and are passionate about getting the right home for their rescued rabbits to make sure they do not ever suffer again.

Rabbits can live as long as some cats or dogs and they need plenty of space in which to exercise, safe from predators.  The rescue will want to know you have the time and space for rabbits (they like the company of their own kind so a pair is best) as well as a commitment to vaccination and proper diet.

The Rabbit Welfare Association website contains a wealth of information on rabbit care standards and their literature is recommended reading for all new, or prospective, rabbit owners.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not a rabbit rescue, nor do we carry a list of rabbit rescues, although we are always willing to help rabbit rescues in whatever way we can.