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Rabbit Vets

The Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund’s Vet list

The Rabbit Welfare Association (RWAF) has a register of rabbit vets which is regularly updated. They organise regular veterinary conferences and their web site is an excellent source of information with a useful members hotline.

If your own vet is not particularly rabbit savvy and there is no specialist vet within reasonable traveling distance, you may find one of the vets on the RWAF list willing to act as a paid consultant on the case. The rabbit specialist vet will then liaise with your regular vet.

Rabbit Rescues & Forums

Rabbit rescues rely heavily on their own vet for vaccination, spaying & neutering and treatment of neglected animals coming into the rescue. They can be a great way to find a local vet that’s good at rabbit surgery and medicine.

Lists of rescues are available on the Rabbit Rehome and Save a Fluff web sites, or ask on Rabbit Rehome’s Rabbits United forum.

Why do you need a vet experienced with rabbits?

Rabbits undergoing surgery have requirements which differ from cats & dogs. They are a prey species, unlike cats and dogs which are predators, so they can hide signs of illness until they are quite ill indeed. An experienced rabbit vet will often have undergone further training in rabbit medicine and surgery after qualifying as a vet.

When should a rabbit see the vet?

The short answer is “Before it gets sick!”. Rabbits need to be vaccinated against VHD and Myxomatosis so that’s a good time for the vet to give the rabbit a general health check. Neutering for male rabbits (bucks) or spaying for females (does) is highly recommended to prevent unwanted litters and health problems later in life.