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Rabbits from a rabbit rescue are usually neutered or spayed and you will often find a bonded pair of rabbits that will live happily together without producing babies of their own.  Although rescue rabbits may not have a known history, they have often been thoroughly vetted for health problems and their temperament and size will be well known if they are already adult.

Finding your local rabbit rescue

Many rabbit rescues are hard to find unless you know where to look. Rescuing and rehoming rabbits is very time consuming and a lot of rabbit rescuers work full or part-time, subsidising the work of the rescue and devoting much of their spare time to rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming.

Currently one of the best places on the internet is the Rabbit Rehome site but you can also check with less specialised rescue centres, local vets and pet shops who may know of rescues that are not listed on the internet.

Identifying a good rabbit rescue

Good rabbit rescues know how rabbits should be kept, Doe Drop Inn Boarding for rabbits is also a good example. Many rabbit rescues will also be available for ongoing advice and support, as well as boarding.  Good general rescue and re-homing sites include UK Animal Rescuers and Give Us A Home

Our local rabbit rescue in Surrey is Bobtails and their website is a good example of a well run rabbit rescue.

Understanding the people behind rabbit rescues

Thanks to impulse buys of cute fluffy baby bunnies from pet superstores and garden centres and their inability to guarantee the sex of the rabbits they sell, together with the odd rogue breeder and poor information when the rabbit was first obtained, UK rabbit rescues are bursting at the seams with unwanted rabbits.

If the rabbit rescue people are spending their own time and money picking up the pieces, they are likely to be very careful about rehoming these rabbits which got off to a bad start through no fault of their own. The rabbit rescue knows how important it is to find knowledgeable homes for these rabbits.

How to help your local rabbit rescue

Most rabbit rescues are run by individuals, couples or very small teams and the pressure on them can be intolerable in terms of both workload and finance. Offers of help fundraising and mucking out are normally very welcome. You can also adopt a bunny that cannot be re-homed for medical reasons and sponsor his or her care to help shoulder the burden that rescues face caring for very sick bunnies. Adoption certificates make a wonderful gift for bunny lovers unable to take on the physical care of a rabbit.

This site is not a rabbit rescue

We often get emails asking us if we can take in an unwanted rabbit. Unfortunately we are not a rabbit rescue ourselves, this site is for people to share information about finding a rabbit rescue and generally pointing them in the right direction.