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By adopting a rescued rabbit you not only offer a home to an otherwise unwanted pet but you also become one less source of income for irresponsible breeders or pet stores.

Other advantages are that the rabbits (they’re best kept with a friend) should be bonded, spayed or neutered, vaccinated plus their health status and temperament will be known to the rescue.

Companion for an existing rabbit

Most rabbits like the company of their own kind and benefit from the reduction in stress and mutual grooming that their company provides.  Rabbit rescues are normally pretty experienced at bonding rabbits, so you may find they are willing to either bond a rabbit in the rescue with your rabbit or advise you on the process as well as which rabbit they think is the best match for your pet.

Boarding and care advice

Your local rabbit rescue is a great place to find out about holiday boarding for your rabbits.  They can also advise on proper grooming, some may offer nail clipping which some owners find difficult.  In addition they will often know where to get the best priced hay, food and bedding.

Rabbit rescues know which vets in the area are good with rabbits, something which can be a life saver as a rabbit-savvy vet can mean the difference between life and death.  Rabbits are a prey species and often do not show signs of illness until they are really quite poorly.

The local rabbit keeping community

Rabbit rescues are often at the heart of the local pet rabbit community and a good place to meet other pet rabbit owners is that a rabbit rescue open day or by volunteering to help at the rescue.

As they often need to buy hay, feed and bedding in bulk for the rescue you may find you can buy smaller quantities from them which also helps support the rescue’s fighting fund.