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ACONITE 6c or 30c
A single dose for shock, fear or sudden onset of illness.

ARNICA 6c, 30c or ointment
Used for bruising, shock, physical trauma and soft tissue damage.
Useful after a difficult birth where tissues are bruised.
Severe trauma – give frequently until the shock is relieved.
Postoperatively – give on tablet or drop every few hours;
Do not apply Arnica Cream to broken skin.

CALENDULA 6c, mother tincture, ointment, cream.
One of the best known Homoeopathic first aid remedies.  Improves the healing rate of damaged tissue in open wounds.
Mother tincture can be diluted 1:10 in cooled, previously boiled, water either on its own or with Hypericum and used as a skin wash.

EUPHRASIA mother tincture
Use 3 drops in 10ml cooled, previously boiled water as an eye wash.

HEPAR SULPH 6c or 30c
Use 30c to help prevent an abscess forming or coming to a head.
Use 6c to help the discharge of pus. (Give three times per day for no more than 3 days)
Follow up with Silica 6c in difficult cases

HYPERICUM 30c, mother tincture, cream or ointment
Useful for crush injuries to tail or paws. Good for splinters.
Give one tablet three times per day for a few days.
Use mother tincture with calendula mother tincture diluted 1:10 in cooled, previously boiled water as a skin wash.

Particularly useful where a wound contains foreign bodies such as grit, splinter, dust etc.
Often used to promote healing after other remedies have acted to resolve the original injury, for example after Hepar Sulph has been used for an abscess. Give one dose daily for five days.

For general shock and upset you could also give Bach’s Flower Remedy

From an article first written for Fur & Feather Magazine