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Homoeopathic remedies are available for oral use in either liquid or soft tablet form. Liquids can be administered in the drinking water but are best given direct into the mouth. The oral dose is one drop or one tablet. When giving liquid tinctures in the water bottle you should add 5 – 7 drops as the actual dose taken will be less.

Tablets should be handled as little as possible. Tablets should be removed from the container using a clean plastic spoon or tipped into the cap. Tablets should only be handled directly before administration and any which have been handled but not used should be thrown away and not put back in the pot.

Where it is necessary to give more than one remedy you should allow at least 5 minutes between giving one and giving the other. Homoeopathic remedies should be stored away from sunlight and strong smelling or tasting substances.

Homoeopathic mother tinctures should not be used undiluted.

From an article first written for Fur & Feather Magazine