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Pregnancy and Lactation remedies for breeders

Eases the dilation of the cervix in the first stage of labour and strengthens uterine contractions in the second stage.
Eases labour pains and helps in the expulsion of the placenta(s).
Can be given before, during and after labour (6c).
Caulophyllum 30c acts like oxytocin and a single dose can be used if the sow is in trouble and you cannot get her to the vet quickly enough for an oxytocin injection or caesarean section.

For retained placenta accompanied by profuse haemorrhage of bright red blood. Also for bleeding after miscarriage.
The animal normally feels worse for movement. Give on dose every four hours for four doses.

For retained placenta accompanied by a brownish, foul smelling discharge.
Give one dose three times daily until improved.

Useful for does or sows with large litters and little milk.
Give single doses every few hours until lactation is established.

URTICA URENS 6c and 30c
High potency 30c is used to promote milk secretion when milk fails to appear.
Give single doses every few hours until lactation is established.
Low potency 6c can be used to depress the milk supply where necessary.

For the early stages of mastitis characterised by warmth, redness, pain and swelling of the teats which are very sensitive.
The animal feels worse for noise, touch or jarring motion and is better for quiet, darkness and slight warmth.
Give one dose every two hours until the condition begins to improve.

Use for mastitis where the glands feel hard, especially if this occurs in the early, acute stage.
The animal is thirsty, worse for warmth and movement, better for rest.
Can be given with Belladonna if necessary.

Use for mastitis where the glands are red, hard, knotty and sensitive.
The animal is worse for damp, cold, motion and at night; better when dry and warm.
Associated with debility and restlessness.
Give one dose four times per day until the condition begins to respond.
If hardening progresses then use Silica 30c.

Use for chronic mastitis characterised by hardening and bad milk.
It may be necessary to use Hepar Sulph first if the milk smells like cheese.
Give one dose per day for three days.

From an article first written for Fur & Feather Magazine