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Kale is a popular food for rabbits and guinea pigs not only for it’s dark green leaves but also because it is available throughout the winter months if you grow it yourself

Kale contains 135mg calcium and 56mg phosphorous per 100gm making it not only high in calcium but also with a high Ca:P ratio.  With a vitamin C content of 120mg per 100gm, kale is a valuable food for rabbits and guinea pigs with the added advantage that it’s high calcium content and Ca:P ratio make ideal for using to balance out the level in the total ‘mixed salad’ diet.

Perhaps the favourite kale amongst rabbits and guinea pigs is the Nero di Tuscana variety, sometimes sold in supermarkets as Cordon Negre.  It’s long, soft, almost black leaves have a very smooth texture in contrast to the curly kale varieties.  A red variety of curly kale is also available.